Friday, June 8, 2012

Dane Is Half Asleep But Still On An Adrenalin High.

We went to six flags today. They sonic so hard neurotoxin comes out of their face. You know what. I have to shower. Sollux has. Snowy owl named Jareth. Don't you wish your owl was as cute as pie? I named my dragon Vaord, because Jeremieboyfriend is a nerd. Valord means 'Dragon King' in Hylian. So I call it Jeremie Valord. I actually call him Jeremie for a reason that isn't entirely related to boyfriend. His scales are the same shade of blue Jeremie's turtleneck was in season 1 of Code Lyoko. -runs outside- Mom: "Dal where you going?" Me: "Well I was gonna play outside. But it's dark." Mom: "Are you half asleep?" Me: "No, it's just cooler so I wanted to dance. I forgot I'm afraid of the dark." Mom: "Ahh, monsters?" Me: "Yup." -rubs inside- "I AM NOT STUPID. I DON'T CARE WHAT TOU SAY. I'M NOT STUPID!" Dad: -playing Killzone- "Uh, if you say so...." Me: -giggling horribly- "Yeah, w/e sStrider yer fulla shit."  Ladies and gentlemen, my family. Yes, a shower is definately something that needs to happen. -Dane<3

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