Friday, June 1, 2012

AWOLNATION is a legitimately good band you guys,

I just don't want tobe paying attention to punnett squares right now. Ben Steph and I are researching hemophilia an dbleehehhhhhh nobody cares.

We get out of school in like five days though.
That's cool.

Shit, i think we're up next.

Well anyway, AWOLNATION is a good band.

ALter I'll post a link.




  1. Something really creepy happened. I was on cleverbot and and talked about BEN. This was the conversation.

    ME BEN
    AI I like the name ben
    Me Majoras mask
    Ai Tell me more
    Me Majoras mask BEN
    AI What happened to him
    Me He killed himself
    AI I took his head


  2. We at Illogical pegasi would like to remind sir Majora Seven that he has his own blog where he may post whatever he likes, and that comments should try to at least start on a topic relating to the original post. Thank you and have a wonderful night!-Dane