Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pinkie Pie Needs to Stop Singing.

Seriously you guys, she just needs to stop. Stop singing to scary trees and bouncing on about Gala's. And Rarity- Don't even get me started, this is ridiculous. And Fluttershy. Oh hell Fluttershy<3 and Rainbow Dash! AND AJ. <3 and Twilight is just a douche, and bleh. Screw Twilight. OHMYGODIT'SLIKEICAN'TCHOOSE. I feel my loyalty should be to my Patron Pony because she's all "WONDERBOLTS MUTHAFUCKA." but idfk. And while we're talking about Equestria, Julia and I officially turned Ben into a Brony. He pretended otherwise at first. Just little things, like "Well doesn't Rainbow Da-that one want to get into the Wonderbolt- Wonder-somethings?" and then full-on Bronyness. "Well? Does she sacrifice herself for her friends?DoesLuna learn her lesson? So does Rainbow Dash ever become a Wonderbolt?" OH GOD PINKIE STOP SINGING. SOLLUX CONROL YOUR PATRON PONY!!!!!!!!!! I think I probably had a poit when I started this post. Probably not. I'm debating whether or not I should spam the whole blog with just random rants. I think maybe I'll try not to. Although since this here post is mainly FIM, I'll stick to that here. Tomorrow's friday, there will be time for rants. Earlier though. XD Julia: "I don't like Apple Jack, really." me (letting my Southern accent out): "Quiet Nahw. Ah like her." Ben:"You sound /just/ like her." xD fuck, we have a Mud Run tomorrow, I should sleep. Night! -Dane<3

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