Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Oh, that last 'Haddock finger sparkle' thing was from a gif on tumblr. If anybody is interested in seeing it, it's under the Captain Haddock tag. Like I said, there are sO many rants for me to throw at you lovely Pegasi out there. I'll spare you and start withone. Let's start with one of my cartoon rants. So I've been watching the old Tintin cartoon, and ohmygosh, today's cartoos will never compare. I don't wanna be one of those 'the 90's were the best' people, but in my opinion it was. For cartoons, anyway. Nothing was over CGI'd, most ideas weren't overdone, and NOTHIG WAS CENSORED. Well okay stuff was censored. But I mean, the first episode of Tintin is a mafia trade off type thing, a murder, several murder attempts, the phrase 'boozehound', and some overwnergetic kid befriending a drunken captain and discovering the Karabojan (for anyone who hasen't seen, that's a ship)is full of Opium. Opium, Brothers. On a kid's cartoon. Also, uou actually saw the baseball bat make contact with the kid's (?is he a kid?) head. You just don't see that On kid's cartoons anymore!!!!! People can't carry weapons on screen, drink booze, and they certainly can't talk about drug smuggling. I just kind of wish cartoons were how they used to be. I don't know, maybe that's just me. Later Days! -Dane<3

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