Saturday, May 5, 2012

I can predict the next movie you WILL see

Hey-oh! So it's Lora here, I just got back from seeing "Marvel's The Avengers", I saw it in 3D ^U^ (that's a smiley, i think...). O.K, even if your not a mega super hero geek like me, you will love it! It's an amazing movie, quite a bit different that I actually thought it would be, it has a lot of comedy in it! It's been rated pretty high and i can see why (i rymed!)! everyone should see it, whether it's in theaters or rented, you know what, better yet buy the fricken movie! i garentie you like it or..... um..... well.... if you don't like it give it to me! (sorry for my incorrect spelling and stuff..... i'll try to put a trailer at the bottom of the page).

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