Friday, June 8, 2012

Something Tells Me.....

There is apparently a limit to how many followers a blog can have. It is 5000. Something tells me our little blog eill never have to worry about traffic. ~Dane<3

Dane Is Half Asleep But Still On An Adrenalin High.

We went to six flags today. They sonic so hard neurotoxin comes out of their face. You know what. I have to shower. Sollux has. Snowy owl named Jareth. Don't you wish your owl was as cute as pie? I named my dragon Vaord, because Jeremieboyfriend is a nerd. Valord means 'Dragon King' in Hylian. So I call it Jeremie Valord. I actually call him Jeremie for a reason that isn't entirely related to boyfriend. His scales are the same shade of blue Jeremie's turtleneck was in season 1 of Code Lyoko. -runs outside- Mom: "Dal where you going?" Me: "Well I was gonna play outside. But it's dark." Mom: "Are you half asleep?" Me: "No, it's just cooler so I wanted to dance. I forgot I'm afraid of the dark." Mom: "Ahh, monsters?" Me: "Yup." -rubs inside- "I AM NOT STUPID. I DON'T CARE WHAT TOU SAY. I'M NOT STUPID!" Dad: -playing Killzone- "Uh, if you say so...." Me: -giggling horribly- "Yeah, w/e sStrider yer fulla shit."  Ladies and gentlemen, my family. Yes, a shower is definately something that needs to happen. -Dane<3

Friday, June 1, 2012

AWOLNATION is a legitimately good band you guys,

I just don't want tobe paying attention to punnett squares right now. Ben Steph and I are researching hemophilia an dbleehehhhhhh nobody cares.

We get out of school in like five days though.
That's cool.

Shit, i think we're up next.

Well anyway, AWOLNATION is a good band.

ALter I'll post a link.