Monday, April 23, 2012

Hello, My name is Dane. (An Introduction)

Hello my fellow illogical pegasi, I am Dane. No, you aren't reading the textbox guide wrong, This stupid iPod doesn't let me type in Orange. Perhaps I'll get Lora to edit it. Or maybe I'll sneak on during the free time I don't use at school? Wow do I sound like I've got a stick up my butt. xD As you've probably guessed by now, Dane is an alias. I wanted to be Dave, or Tomas, But I'm a chick, and didn't want to confuse anyone. xD BY THE WAY, If any of you know where Sollux's name comes from and why her text color is purple, you win... Uh.... INTERNET HUGZ. Or a drawing. probably a drawing. Hold on guys. Gotta find a demon ginger's drumstick. Well, I found a potato chip feom a moth ago, something slimy I don't want to identify, and my teadybear phonecharm. Close the fuc- flip enough, right? ... Right? Yeah. Glad we got that covered. Anyway, this is just a little introduction I guess. Basics? I think YES. Thinks I love: Comics from all over the world, My Chemical Romance, Anime, drawing, Webcomics, books, writing, things like that. Oh. And Homestuck. Be lovin' that Homestuck. You guys see the update? I CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED DIRK'S TOTALLY OBVIOUS FUTURE-TALK HINTS- Sorry. Things I hate:.... I don't hate much, actually. In fact, I can pretty much limit my hatred to Republicans and music from the past two years. And since I'm trying not to drag my political side into the happy blog here, we can limit my hatred to music. But only crappy autotuned crap. Anyway, It's dinnertime, and Light the Angry 2-Year-Old-Brother demands I come pray with him. Later days! -Dane<3

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